Chocolate Milk God Man

Jul 12, 2023

We all came from somewhere. We all have roots that go way back. I put a bit of my own saliva into a test tube and sent it to ancestry DNA, and got the following results for my ethnic history:

  • Eastern Europe & Russia 58%
  • England & Northwestern Europe 5% 
  • Scotland 9% 
  • Sweden & Denmark 6% 
  • Germanic Europe 6% 
  • Baltics 5% 
  • Indigenous Americas—North 1% 

Most of my background is European, and somewhere along the line, there was a Native American connection that happened as well. My wife Sarah is actually five generations removed from a Blackhawk Indian Chief.

Genealogies are certainly interesting and help us to connect with the roots of our identity.

Jesus too had a genealogy and it was and is the most solid identity that has ever existed! He came from heaven to earth as God’s Son, was born into humanity in a genealogical family tree, and all this in order to bring humanity closer to heaven!