Jesus the Authentic Anti Charlatan

Aug 14, 2023

One of my earliest exposures to Christianity was watching weird TV preachers.

Me and my Dad used to turn on televangelist programs and make fun of them. One thing I remember happening on these TV shows was a massive amount of healings. The televangelist would invite a line of people up to the stage, and each person, no matter what was wrong with them, whether headache, cancer, deafness, or a disabled leg, would get fully healed, at least apparently so. The wild display would end with the televangelist pushing the person down and his bodyguards catching them.

I thought it was a sham.

Later on, I found out that a lot of it truly was a sham. Many of these people who would stand in line to get healed by a televangelist wearing a toupee would not actually get healed, but it would be portrayed that they were healed for the television audiences to view. Really, many of these people would leave the scenario more hopeless than before.

Jesus, however, performed all sorts of healings. Without fail, each one of them endured. He wasn’t a charlatan or con artist. He was truly the Son of God.