Jimi Hendrix, Gloria Gaynor, Carrie Underwood, and Jesus Like Lightning

Jul 9, 2024

I was driving to attend a discipleship immersion for a few days with my friends Mary Krohne, Brandon Hathaway, and Jolana Dawson in Fort Wayne Indiana with the 3D Movements group there. Jolana Dawson let us use her car, and her car is much newer than mine. It’s got this option to drive itself to some extent, where you can turn it on while driving on a highway, and take your hands off the wheel, as well as the gas pedal, and it will somehow, through cameras and sensors, know where the lines in the road are, and know the speed that it needs to go to safely drive amidst other cars.

Now I was unwilling to let go of the wheel and gas pedal, but after being convinced by Jolana, I finally did. I was amazed to see that it worked! Even as I drove through curves, left and right in the highway, the car sensed the turns and took them for me. I was certainly singing “Jesus take the wheel”.

And so many of us may trust Jesus for our salvation, or maybe even our provision, peace, and joy. But are we willing to hand our entire lives over to Him and say “Jesus take the wheel”? Our sickness or health? Our trials? Our comfort? Our security? Our safety? In the middle of this storm, the disciples surely felt hopeless and out of control, and begged Jesus to take the wheel of the weather and do something about it!