PT. 43 – Onward

Mar 6, 2023

In the Beatles seminal final album “Abbey Road”, they knew full well it was their last statement to the listening world. The fab four concluded the amazing work of pop music with a drum solo by Ringo, then dueling guitar solos between the other members- John, Paul and George.

After that wondrous cacophony of sound, the full band abruptly cut out with the sound of a piano plunking eighth notes. Then the final words of the album were sang:

“And in the end The love you take Is equal to the love you make.”

A lush melody of guitars, bass, drums, and orchestra thanks to George Martin swept in as the words “you make” were sang, and harmoniously played the final, musical passage of the album. Then- after many seconds of silence, a corny little ditty “Her Majesty” sang by Paul McCartney while playing acoustic guitar quickly closed the whole work. That was just 1 *Little known fact – though Paul was the bass player of the band he also played many of the guitar parts in Beatles studio albums – including the lead guitar part for “Good Morning, Good Morning” the Beatles’ great sense of humor once again shining through.

Again, can you tell I’m a Beatles fan? Last words are significant. They have a powerful impact. Just take a look at some of these last words of people that they were recorded to say on their deathbeds…