Apr 5, 2023

In Jesus Christ, we have the most profound hope in the Universe!

When I was nineteen years old I was an idealist.

I had just come out of some major addictions that almost completely wrecked my life, and I was overcome by the beauty of a new, sober reality. I felt more awake than ever and wanted to just drink in all that life had to offer me.

I was looking for the best possible thing constantly. I wanted the ideal education, ideal experiences, ideal relationships, ideal health, and ideal creativity to constantly be flowing out of me via my constant efforts in music and writing projects.

All of that pursuit led me on a spiritual search. What was the ideal center of belief? Buddha? Astrology? New Age? Native American Spirituality? Vishnu? Myself? I searched all of them and found inconsistencies along the way- obviously myself included!

And then, through searching the Gospels and the New Testament in a Comparative Religion Studies Class I was exposed to the core message of Christianity for the first time, and all the ideals I had leading up to that moment were actually completely obliterated by this ideal, perfect, loving, holy God of the Universe as revealed through His Son Jesus Christ!

And not only are we able to experience this ideal God of the Universe. We are heading towards an ideal existence in eternity forever with Him!