Soil Yourself!

Jun 11, 2024

Jesus spoke in parables to confuse people. People misinterpreted Him constantly, and often had no clue what He was saying.

Wow Jesus, that’s a great Church growth strategy! What’s with You? “The secrets of the kingdom of God would only be given to Your genuine disciples to know, but to the rest it would be in parables, so that looking they may not see, and hearing they may not understand?” Jesus, don’t you realize that if you dimmed it down and watered it down a bit more that you’d have more people who could say they were your disciples? Maybe you could build a building, hire a band, come up with a great logo and brand, get a website, and get a really expensive microphone and sound system for them to come and listen to you? What do you think Jesus?

But no Jesus, instead you cited Isaiah 6:9 – 10 in Luke 8, in which the prophet spoke judgment on a people who showed signs of being obstinate. Now that doesn’t seem very “Christ-like”, does it? Or… wait a minute… 😉