The Apostles of Wu-Tang

Nov 14, 2023

I love thinking about the dynamics of a team and how a variety of personalities, giftings, dispositions, and backgrounds in a team can make a team so robust, strong, and sometimes, loaded with conflict and synergy!

Think for a minute about the Wu-Tang Clan…

Wu-Tang Clan had 10 different members, and they all had majorly different personalities, giftings, dispositions, and, though from Staten Island, different backgrounds as well. Let’s analyze each for a minute.

  • GZA: One of the strongest in the craft of rapping- had a strong flow, and penetrating confidence.
  • RZA: A producer with a unique, minimalist, dark undertone to all his beats.
  • Ol’ Dirty: The comedian and clown of the group, and had a unique and bizarre style that mixed gravelly singing with flows
  • Ghostface Killah: Had a smooth, cool flow and retro-style approach
  • Method Man: One of the biggest celebrities of the group, had a conversational style of rapping.
  • Raekwon: Had the best lyrical content and storytelling ability in the group.
  • Inspectah Deck: Had a highly intricate style of rapping.
  • U-God: Had a deep, versatile voice.
  • Masta Killa: The most inexperienced rapper of the group who got better as things went along

Granted- many of the members of Wu had solo careers after being a part of it. But they were stronger together than separate.

And that’s the same for these The Beatles as well. Love them or hate them, they can’t be denied. I personally love them. 

And why were they so powerful together? It’s because each of them had totally different personalities, dispositions and giftings. Let’s analyze for a minute:

  • John Lennon: A rebel songwriter with a gritty, rock n’ roll edge, and deep, provoking, political and penetrating lyrics.
  • Paul McCartney: A “boy next door” songwriter that many could relate to with a knack for ballads, hooks, syrupy pop, and showtune-influenced songs and orchestrations. He wrote catchy, sometimes cheesy stuff and brought a lot of life and zest to the music.
  • George Harrison: A mystic, quiet type who wrote very introspective, spiritual, and philosophical music.
  • Ringo Starr: A fun, comedic clown who had a very sentimental and emotional side as well.

Again, the Beatles weren’t as good on their own as they were when they were together!

And Jesus understood this dynamic as well! He picked a team of people to disciple and pass along the ways of the Kingdom of God through the Power of the Holy Spirit! It was no accident that he picked a wild variety of people!