Come Out of Hiding, Behold the King

Mar 19, 2024

With the release of the self titled album “Run-D.M.C.” (1984), Run-DMC became the first hip hop group to achieve a Gold record. Self titled “Run-D.M.C.” was followed with the certified Platinum record “King of Rock” (1985), making Run-DMC the first hip hop group to go platinum. “Raising Hell” (1986) became the first multi-platinum hip hop record.

When Run-DMC hit the road and went on tour after becoming a mega-group, they had die hard hip hop fans that followed their music and went to see them live. These folks were authentics that lived the life on the streets that Run DMC was rapping about. There were undeniably many people who followed Run DMC’s music and saw them in concert who knew nothing about the life from Hollis Queens that Run DMC lived and spat bars about, and may have been fickle or fair weather fans of Run DMC and hip hop in general. There were also plenty of haters out there that were saying, all along, that hip hop wasn’t real music. It was a fad that would die out. Little did they know that the fire that Run DMC started would lead hip hop to be the most internationally popular music today!

There have always been people who respond to Jesus as Haters, Posers, and Authentics!

What are you? Are you a hater? Are you against Jesus? Are you against Jesus’s people? Are you a poser? Do you just go along with what the crowd says all the time and change your mind based on who you’re around? Are you quick to give lip service to Jesus on a Sunday but then get high and drunk on a Friday and talk smack about Christianity and God’s people?

Or are you an authentic disciple? Do you chase Jesus? Do you adore Jesus? Do you worship Him? Do you love Him? Do you praise His Name in the good and the bad? Do you lift Him up in the easy and the difficult? Do you share who He is even when it jacks with your rep? Do you stand up and stand on His Word even when it’s detrimental to you? There’s a difference between the way religious haters, crowd following posers, and authentic disciples respond to Jesus! Ask Jesus to lead you out of hiding, reveal who you really are, and help you move towards becoming an authentic disciple!