How to Be a Vibrant Weirdo

Mar 14, 2023

The resurrection of Jesus is either one of the weirdest beliefs in the world, or it’s true!

Sometimes weird, unexplainable things happen in our world. They’ve been happening all throughout history! In July 1518, Frau Troffea became patient zero in a dancing pandemic that claimed nearly 400 victims. After Troffea danced silently and involuntarily by herself for more than a week, other citizens of Strasbourg began contracting the fatal disease.

Local doctors even ordered the creation of stages and the presence of musicians in hopes of comforting the unfortunate victims. The physicians believed that if they allowed the dancing to continue, patients would ultimately dance the fever out of their bodies. The hysteria lasted for two months and claimed countless victims to stroke, heart attack, or exhaustion before it subsided. Experts are still unclear about what caused the plague. Hypotheses include the populace’s fear of St. Vitus’s wrath (he was the patron saint of dancers), the consumption of a hallucinogenic mold that grows on rye bread, and psychogenic disorders.(1)

After hours of arguing the pro-slavery constitutional status of the Kansas territory, Northern Republicans and Free Soilers broke out into a full-on 30-man brawl against Southern Democrats on February 6, 1858. Tensions were high from the beginning, and it wasn’t uncommon for fights to break out in the middle of the House floor. Congressional violence was a regular part of meeting from the 1830s leading into the Civil War years, and representatives often brought canes, bowie knives, and guns to work with them. The Supreme Court’s ruling against Black citizenship and the approval of slavery throughout the West during the Dred Scott case in 1857 was still fresh on everyone’s minds. The fateful decision caused chaos to erupt at 2 am on February 6, when representatives assembled for an overnight discussion over Kansas’s admittance status as a free or pro-slavery state. A Southern representative grabbed his Northern colleague by the throat during the heated debate, causing the entire floor to break out into a multi-man fistfight. The dispute didn’t end until Wisconsin Republicans John Potter and Cadwallader Washburn pulled the wig off of their colleague William Barksdale’s head. The room erupted into laughter, putting an end to the altercation.(2)

There have been a lot of unbelievable things that have happened in history. And the bodily resurrection of Jesus, is, for many, one of those wildly unbelievable things…