Invasion of the Log People

Feb 6, 2024

In my daughter Madi (and my) favorite Yo Gabba Gabba episode titled “New Friends”, Jack Black appeared as a stranger to the Yo Gabba world that flew in on a flying, talking motorbike which ran out of gas. Jack found himself in a strange world with talking trees, and of course the human size Yo Gabba characters, which looked like LSD-fueled monsters to him. By all appearances, Jack was rightfully frightened out of his mind. 

However, the Yo Gabba characters, with their crazy friendly ways and lovely sing-along songs, quickly won Jack over as a friend, to the point where he even magically got outfitted with the orange spandex and fuzzy hatted outfit of DJ Lance Rock (the host of the show) himself! The episode ended with a tearful goodbye and departure after Jack gassed up his motorbike and took off into the clouds singing the words “goodbye”.

We, as human beings of planet earth, are naturally very judgy creatures. Like Jack in Yo Gabba land, we make fear-driven judgments of others based on their age, their appearance, their politics, their race, the color of their skin, their gender, the way they dress, the car they drive, the place they live, their lifestyle, their theology and more.

And Jesus cuts right through our crapola on the issue of being judgy, and invites us into a discipleship friendship with Him that wins us over and transforms us! He wants to put his orange spandex pants and fuzzy hat of love on us and invite us into His family!