Jesus is a Dumpster Diver!

Apr 28, 2023

I was in a worship session yesterday with a group of Church leaders from around the region. When I came into the gathering I stood near the back in an obscure part of the gathering. As our worship time went on I realized that I had been standing by a trash can filled with trash while passionately worshiping Jesus the whole time. I didn’t even notice that the trash can was right next to me.

I realized that the Lord has called me to be near to those who feel like the refuse of the world- those who have been discarded. The poor, the minority, the outcast, those who’ve been hurt by the Church, and the marginalized. As I looked out over the other Church leaders worshiping I realized that this is right where I belong- near the can of refuse. I felt so much joy in my calling to have this honor in that moment! To be called to those who need the Lord’s care significantly!

God’s word to those of us that feel marginalized, disgraced and barren is this- WE ARE LOVED, AND WE ARE VALUED.

And guess what? Jesus Christ is a dumpster diver! The world and hypocritical religious people may have thrown you away and labeled you useless! But Jesus dove into the dumpster and found a precious diamond! That diamond is you! The world and the religiously hurtful made a grave mistake when they tossed you out because they didn’t realize that you were God’s precious gem! His word to you today is that in your confusion and pain He loves you and is going to come through! That’s why Jesus Christ died for you! That’s why He rose from the grave! He is seated at the right hand of God and invites you into complete, total, full surrender to Him! He states that you are loved! He states that you are forgiven! He states that you belong! He states that you matter to Him in heaven, and you matter to His people! Step into His love and truth now!