Keep the Jesus Signal On!

Feb 28, 2024

Whenever the citizens of Gotham City would turn on the “Batman Signal Light”, or the “Bat Signal”. They trusted and knew that whatever was happening, and from wherever he was in that moment, Batman was gonna show up and fight the crimes being committed!

If you signal the “Jesus light”, and genuinely cry out to Him, you can bet that He’s gonna show up! Just turn on your Jesus light! And by the way, keep that light on all day! He don’t slumber or sleep and will dwell with you every moment! 

Someone doesn’t have to fully understand Jesus Christ to be curious about Him. Somebody doesn’t have to be a full on disciple of Jesus to receive a touch from Him! You can be anyone, in any walk of life, at any time in your life, and if you genuinely ask Jesus to show up and show out for you, He will do so. 

I’ll never forget the time that I had a near death experience due to an overdose, at the age of seventeen. I had taken a large amount of something that almost made me crazy and could have killed me. Right in the middle of that horrible experience, when I basically left my body and then came to again, I earnestly cried out to “whatever was out there”, and had a warm, comforting rush through my body and a peace fill my soul like never before, and from there I wanted to confess all the horrible things I was doing to my parents and turn my life around.

Now I believe in that moment that Jesus was reaching out to me, even though I had no idea who He was. I’ll even tell you that I had a brief vision of a person who I’m pretty convinced was Him in the middle of this terrifying experience.

And I’m telling you today that whoever you are. Wherever you’re coming from. Whatever you’re struggling with, Jesus wants to touch your life! He’s not asking you to change first. He’s not asking you to clean up your act first. He’s not asking you to get yourself together first. Sure, those who have been touched by Him multiple times need to respond and live out their faith in Him! We certainly shouldn’t take advantage of His grace! But I’m telling you today that if you don’t know Him, He wants to show you who He is with a miraculous intervention in your life! We’ll see how He did just that in the life of this Roman Centurion!