Lord, Please Offend Me, In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

Mar 13, 2024

It’s inevitable that we’ll be offended by things in people from time to time, because we all, as people, do offensive things to one another. We are under the curse of sin and it’s inevitable that we will offend and hurt one another to differing degrees. We need to stay repentant, stay apologetic, stay humble, and stay teachable to God and Christ through one another!

But oh please, no matter what you do, decide right now not to be offended by Jesus! If you’re offended by Jesus, you’re offended by the things of God! What a terrible place to be y’all. You don’t want that.

Ask yourself right now- are you offended by righteousness you see in others? Are you offended when people are forgiving and merciful? Are you offended when people have the joy of the Lord? Are you offended by supernatural miracles and healings? Are you offended by the truth? Are you offended by people’s passion for Christ? Are you offended when someone responds with patience and kindness to your impatience and unkindness? Are you offended when you see people living out the things of scripture that you are not living out yourself? Well then, you’re offended by Christ in someone, and thereby you’re also offended by Jesus. Don’t be. 

Something that is super popular in the market of health products these days are gut cleansers, because people say that an unhealthy gut leads to myriad other health issues. Being offended by the things of Christ, whether you call upon the Name of Christ or not, is like having a toxically unhealthy gut! It will impact, affect, and poison your entire life! Let God gut check you and clean out what’s inside of you.