Pizza is Better Eaten, and Life is Better Lived, Upside Down

Jan 24, 2024

Matt McKenna, writing on, recently wrote;

Pizza tastes better upside down.

By barrel-rolling the flavor into your mouth’s flavor receptors you will get a better eating experience. You know, provided you didn’t jam it into your face directly from the oven.

Here’s the thing. Having said all that, I know you don’t believe me. I wouldn’t believe me. I wouldn’t have been persuaded by this at all. It sounds stupid.

So how about this? Do me a favor. Next time you eat a pizza, just try it. Maybe just on one slice. Next time you eat pizza, do a barrel roll. Next time you eat a pizza, eat it upside down.

It’ll taste better.

Or, worst case scenario, the kids will get a kick out of the experiment.

Living life, like eating pizza, is also better when experienced upside down. We’re certainly used to being driven by all the things that are right side up- namely the pursuit of power, popularity, pleasure and pennies. But Jesus calls us to an upside down life. That’s exactly what Jesus specifically points to in Luke 6:20-26. He contrasts the “right side up” with the “upside down”, and shows us that the ways of the Kingdom of God are upside down.