Season of… Peace

Dec 19, 2023

In Phil. 4:4-7, The Word of God literally says that if we rejoice in Him, if we shower His love on everyone, even our enemies, and if we present everything to Him constantly in prayer, the Lord will guard our eternal soul and spirit like a military garrison stationed inside a city.

I don’t think y’all heard what I said just now.

Do you know what a military garrison is? 

A garrison most often refers to a military outpost where troops are stationed to provide protection to an area. The word garrison is also used to refer to the troops stationed there.

Fortified garrisons will be loaded with fighter planes, helicopters, tanks, and weapons. And not only that, but will have a whole load of highly trained soldiers ready for combat and defense at any time.

Let me make it plain here.

I play this little app game on my iphone for about fifteen minutes every night after I play guitar and sing to my youngest daughter Madi, just to give her some time to fall asleep while I’m there and not be scared and alone in the dark. The game is called “”. In the game, you’re this little warrior who roams around, gathering gemstones, and killing zombies around you with the weapons you have. There are numerous weapons you can get in each level you play. You start with a sword, and then gradually can add on a differing variety as you gather more gems. The more weapons you gather, the more you have a bunch of zombies coming at you, and the stronger the zombies get. 

There are times when you play this game, and you can’t get weapons fast and strong enough to take down the onslaught of zombies constantly coming at you. Then you end up dying and having to start over.

But there are times (Oh Lord Jesus have mercy), when you all of a sudden got a full powered force field around you, you’re launching rockets, you’re using a high powered sword blade, you’re shooting missiles, you’re throwing molotov cocktails, and you’re setting off landmines, and you are DOMINATING these zombies! They just can’t get at you!

Let me tell you something right now! Rejoice in Jesus! Shower His love on everyone, even your enemies! Present everything to Him constantly in prayer! And the enemy will come thrusting at you with a legion of his zombie demons, and the military garrison of angels holed up in supernatural tanks, fighter planes, helicopters, and battleships will fight for you with the rockets, missiles, molotov cocktails, landmines, and sabres of the Holy Spirit!