Streetlight Beliefs Pt 1: Scriptures, the Trinity & Adoption

Apr 12, 2024

Let me share now what the primary convictions of Streetlight Community Church, as revealed in our articles of faith, are. 

We had these articles of faith passed down from the Chapel in Akron, which birthed us as a Church back in April of 2016 as “The Chapel in Kenmore”. They are, with some language unique to them, reflective of the basic Nicene Creed tenets of traditional, ancient, orthodox Christian doctrine that have existed for two millenia. Granted there are nuanced differences in the ways that these things can be worded, and there are sometimes secondary convictions that can creep their way in. But we hope to reflect a very basic, orthodox view of Christ and the Scriptures in our community, and continue to lovingly defend and hold those things dearly!

Doctrine like this is beautiful. It’s meant, like the total eclipse was, to inspire awe and wonder at our mighty, amazing God. Let’s allow these precepts pulled from the scriptures to inspire us towards worship, not to be read like a wooden, dead theological treatise! Let’s dive into them!