Streetlight Beliefs Pt 2: Virgin Birth, Hypostasis, and the Holy Spirit

Apr 19, 2024

I think we can clearly see that when Jesus ascended to heaven and sent the Holy Spirit, His amazing ministry just continued. And it certainly didn’t stop in the age of the book of Acts. There have been accounts of the Holy Spirit’s ministry doing the miraculous things of God for the last 2,000 years. The catch is that you have to dig into accounts from the underground and persecuted Church contexts to see where they’re happening among those faithfully suffering for Jesus. There are plenty of people fabricating miracles on video in America to make money and exploit people, and there are plenty of hucksters out there. But the Holy Spirit is still alive and well, and performing the miraculous.

I have directly experienced the Holy Spirit;

  1. Healing me physically on at least six separate occasions
  2. Healing one of my kids physically on one occasion
  3. Driving a demon out of a friend of mine before he gave his life to Christ a month later.
  4. Driving a demon out of a family member on numerous occasions before they came into relationship with Jesus
  5. And filling me in a new way where I began to speak in a heavenly language that I knew God could only understand, while at the same time completely removing anxiety from me that I was overwhelmingly experiencing at the time.

But all in all- the greatest ministry of the Holy Spirit is the fact that He keeps us in intimate relationship with Jesus day in and day out!