Streetlight Beliefs Pt 3: Original Sin, Sinless Jesus, Salvation, Resurrection and Ascension

Apr 25, 2024

The fact that we’re all sinners doesn’t only mean that we’re flawed. It means that we all are equal. I, no matter how much money I make, how I look, how talented I am, how hard I work, how much good I do, where I was born, what skin color I have, how I grew up, what I do for a living, or what kind of education I attained, am equal to the person that makes less money than me, more money than me, is better looking than me, is less talented than me, is more talented than me, is less hard working, is more hard working, does less good, does more good, came up harder, came up more privileged, has a different skin color than me, had a crappier upbringing, had a better upbringing, has a tougher, lower paying job, has a nicer, higher paying job, is less educated, or is more educated than me. Through the doctrine of the Imago Dei and original sin, I can look at any and everybody, and simply say, they’re the same. God has unleashed the same potential for love, grace, temporal, and eternal purpose in everyone! God, through Christ, can save anyone’s life. And because of this, the Church is messy! It’s full of people in all different places on their journey! We need to love one another well and challenge each other, as led by the Spirit, towards more of Christ in all of us!